Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning

Sometimes a home hasn’t been through any significant damage, but restoration is needed in the carpets, rugs, and other flooring.

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning

Sometimes a home hasn’t been through any significant damage, but restoration is needed in the carpets, rugs, and other flooring.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Over time, dust, dirt, mud, and other contaminants can cause the flooring to retain odor and have a reduced service life. Before giving up and ripping out your carpet, have you considered professional carpet cleaning service? In addition to restoring entire homes, our team can offer services to leave carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned and smelling fresh again.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

If you’re not ready to bid your carpets goodbye just yet, let our team help restore and renew them once more. Steamatic offers superior cleaning services for your home:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Upholstery
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Shampooing
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • And other services.

Carpet Cleaning on the Gulf Coast

If you have carpet stains that just won’t budge, or if your home never smells fresh and clean, then it may be time to call a professional carpet cleaning company. Our steam cleaning solution is the ideal choice for any type of carpet or rugs that you may have.

Steamatic cleaning machines use water heated at higher temperatures than many carpet cleaning companies typically use. This hotter water temperature combined with a robust vacuum system removes more dirt, allergens, and stains that anyone else.

When you need the best in home carpet cleaning, you need us to service your home. Call the best carpet cleaning in Mobile and Baldwin County team today!

Best Carpet Cleaning

Being the best carpet cleaning company around means that we do more than just cleaning the carpet. In addition to offering a better carpet and rug cleaning experience, our team also provides the best in upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery can be tough to clean by hand, and many are easy to stain with cleaning solutions. Instead, we can apply the same powerful steam cleaning solution we use on carpets on more upholstery surfaces.

When you have upholstery that you need to be cleaned, just call your favorite carpet cleaning Steamatic team. We can clean many different types of upholstery, including:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Rayon
  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Vinyl
  • And more surfaces.

Mobile & Baldwin County

No matter where in the greater Mobile or Baldwin area that you may be, we are convenient carpet cleaning service for your home. Call us for a quote if you live in or near:

  • Carpet Cleaners in Mobile, AL
  • Carpet Cleaning Daphne, AL
  • Carpet Cleaners Spanish Fort, AL
  • Carpet Cleaning Fairhope, AL
  • Carpet Cleaners in Foley, AL
  • And the greater Baldwin County Area

We can assist more area residents and business owners with a better-quality carpet shampoo service than any other team. When you need the top name in carpet cleaners for Mobile, AL, Daphne, AL or anywhere in between, you need your local carpet cleaning company, Steamatic of South Alabama to get the job done right!

Alabama Carpet Cleaning

If you’re ready to have fresh, clean carpets in your home, then call us today. We guarantee your home will have the look and feel it did the first time you walked through it.

Free estimates are available upon request.

Carpet Cleaning has its basis in Science, by requires Art to create the masterpiece of making carpets look new again. One must keep in mind there are two types of soil that make carpets look and feel dirty. First, soluble soil and the second, is insoluble soil. Insoluble soil is dirt, sand, mud, dust and dander. These never break down. The only way to remove them is to literally remove them with vacuum pressure. Soluble literally means it dissolves in water. Some examples of soluble soil are drinks, ink, tar and oils. The way to remove these types of stains involves applying chemicals, heat and vacuum pressure.

There are 4 elements that must be applied when cleaning:

  • Chemical
  • Agitation
  • Heat
  • Time

The science requires all 4 be applied. The question is how much of each? That is where the art comes in! The type of equipment plays a huge role in the amount of heat which can be generated and applied to the carpets. The amount of Chemical that is applied to the carpets and stained areas is either reduced or increased by how much heat is applied. Vacuuming before and after heat is applied is a must. Lastly, how much time do you allow chemical to be absorbed by the carpet?  How long do you allow your pump to apply heated water (steam)? How many passes do you make with the initial vacuuming? Think of a pie chart with 4 slices in the pie and as each of these elements decrease and increase by the movement from each other.

The questions raised above are answered by what types of equipment and chemicals are being used to perform the job and what type of training do the people have who are performing the job. One, what type of pump is being used to extract. Steamatic uses a HydroMaster Boxxer XL. This is an industry leader in carpet cleaning, water extraction and dirt removal.  It creates heat up to 245 decrees. It’s vacuum pressure is over 400 cfm and 1200 psi. Our technicians are trained by IICC certified carpet cleaning specialist and are certified by IICC standards. Rest assessed, we at Steamatic of South Alabama aren’t putting bleach on your carpets. We are carefully picking out which chemicals will be the most effective when treating specific stains your carpets.

Steamatic’s high standards are backed up by our superior training and the use of state of the art equipment. This allows us to perform any carpet cleaning job with the highest possible quality and do it in the shortest amount time.  Please give us a call and let us show you the difference.