Content Recovery

Following a fire, a flood, severe weather, or other event, your home may no longer be safe to enter.

Content Recovery after a Disaster

While some items carry more sentimental value than others, no item is worth placing yourself in harm’s way. That is why, following a home disaster, you need content recovery services.

At Steamatic of South AL, we offer more than home restoration and cleaning services. We are fully trained to safely and efficiently remove all effects from your home, helping you to recover your most prized items.

While we can’t guarantee that a particular item is still okay, we can promise that we remove as many contents as possible. Once removed, each item is carefully boxed and stored.

Content recovery is more than just going back for “stuff.” In addition to locating your personal belongings, we can also assist you in securing your damaged property. The last thing that you and your family need while recovering from a home disaster is being liable for trespassers. Without adequately securing your property, no matter what sort of shape that it’s in, you could be facing fines and other legal actions.

Rather than being kicked while you’re down, we can help you secure your dwelling with better procedures. We use digital inventorying systems to keep track of everything that remains, and we prevent unauthorized individuals from easily accessing your property.

Why content recovery?

Some homeowners may think that trying to restore their lives after a fire or natural disaster is the hard part. But in the weeks following, you’ll be dealing with several different departments and agencies.

The unfortunate thing is that they will likely be asking for formal identification, social security cards, and other common legal documents. But if you can’t get to these items, it can make the process drag on for even longer.

If we find these documents, as well as other necessary items, we will know exactly where they are with our inventory system. You’ll have more efficient access to everything that is still left behind, making the process just a little easier.

What gets recovered?

We try and rescue anything and everything that we can find. Most of the time, things look rough initially, but once they are restored, you’ll be amazed at how good they still look.

As long as our team can safely remove it from your home, we will do our best. This includes:

  • Furniture
  • Art Work
  • Glassware
  • Plates
  • Clothing
  • Legal Documents
  • Bedding
  • And anything else that is recoverable.