Did you know that there is a wrong way to dry a home out? If an interior space isn’t dried out correctly, it could have lasting health effects.


Following a flood, a storm, or other event that adds more moisture than usual, black mold growth becomes a major problem.

Why do I need dehumifidication?

Dehumidification helps to restore your home to the right level of moisture for your home. Standing water and lingering moisture can make your house, and you, sick.

Following a storm, homes and commercial spaces can remain without power for weeks. In the meantime, that still, moist air continues to allow germs, mold spores, and other contaminants to spread in an environment where they thrive.

Protect Your Belongings

Even if your home is lucky enough not to develop mold issues, your belongings are still at stake. Electronics, paperback books, even portraits are no match for a hot, muggy home.

Closets can become especially humid without a functioning air conditioner or other source of circulating air. Here, your clothes can stay moist, where mildew can leave them unsafe to wear.

Even furniture is at risk to overly moist conditions. Leather sofas, upholstered couches, cloth bar stools, and other furniture can become sogged out, where they begin to deteriorate.

Professional Dehumidification

If your house or commercial building is still retaining its increased moisture, you’ll need a dedicated dehumidification team to properly extract it. Otherwise, it can remain within your carpet, its padding, drywall, wood surfaces, and practically everywhere else. If your home isn’t back to normal humidity levels before you replace hard wood floors, carpet, cabinets, drywall and repaint, then all your repairs will not meet the quality standards required for a proper restoration job. It can actually be a cause to repeat the entire process.

Our portable dehumidification fans use flexible tube vents attached to a high-powered commercial fan unit. This draws the air towards it, where the current leads the damp air away from the structure. This helps to quickly dry your home or building out while preventing lingering damage or health hazards.

Why Steamatic

To ensure that your home stays protected, our team offers the best humidity removal services around. We adhere to the ANSI/IICRC S500, the professional set of standards and procedures for drying your home.

What this means is that we can guarantee that your home will receive proper extraction, removing the threat of mold and mildew and leaving your home feeling like itself again. We offer the peace of mind that your home has been properly restored to how it was before the water damage.

The procedure we adhere to is updated, and our team ensures that we stay properly equipped to handle your house’s needs. In no time at all, we will have the excess moisture gone, and you can breathe easy once more.

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