Anyone who has spent a few minutes sitting around a campfire can tell you how badly smoke can smell, even days after exposure.

Deodorization after a Fire

After a house fire is stopped, virtually everything in and around the home will reek of fire and smoke. When this happens, it may be quite tempting just to throw everything out. Before taking such drastic measures, let our team offer our best deodorization services. Using a concentrated blend of cleaning solutions, we can help restore your home and remove any lingering odors.

Finding a Fire Damage Contractor

Because restoration cleaning services is a specialty, many companies can charge a fortune to bring your home or commercial space back to life. However, this can quickly feel like a company is kicking you while you’re down.

Fire and smoke restoration is an involved process, but that doesn’t mean that it should have to cost more than your home did! Instead, our team offers prompt, affordable restoration cleaning to give you the best experience possible.

We don’t believe in taking advantage of anyone who just went through a house fire, and we always strive to provide the best quality of service to our community. Before you trust anyone with your restoration needs, call the reliable choice today!

As a local Steamatic franchise, you know that you’re getting quality restoration services at affordable pricing. Steamatic of South Alabama is among the best companies for home and commercial restoration, and we strive to bring their dependability to the greater Baldwin and Mobile, AL, areas.

Armed with a variety of cleaning, construction, restoration tools, cleaners and the experience that you can depend on each time, we will do our best to get your home or office back in order quickly. No matter how bad a fire may have been, we’ve already seen and restored worse situations.

When you need a restoration cleaning company that can trust, you need Steamatic of South AL. Call today for a free quote or to get your home back to normal fast.