Furniture & Drapery Cleaning

We are the best in local upholstery cleaning, and we offer furniture and drapery cleaning as well.

Furniture & Drapery Cleaning

We are the best in local upholstery cleaning, and we offer furniture and drapery cleaning as well.

Furniture and Drapery Cleaning

We offer complete upholstery cleaning for any surface that you may have. Whether you have a sofa with tough stains, drapery with lingering smells or odors, or other cleaning needs, we are the best choice for your home.

Whether you need furniture and drapery cleaning for your home or for your commercial space, our team can give your building a better steam clean each time. Combined with our carpet shampooing, we’re your all-in-one interior cleaning services!

Over time, your home and commercial space begin to retain odors and stains, no matter how frequently you clean up. This is because of food smells, pet smells, and other sharp scents become absorbed by your carpets, your furniture, and other surfaces.

Because the cloth draws in the smells, they also take on oils, dirt and dust particles, and other lingering impurities. And unfortunately, they stay there until they’re finally cleaned away.

We achieve the best upholstery results each time by sticking to what Steamatic of South Alabama does best. Using the same deep cleaning steam machine that leaves carpet and flooring spotless, we can carefully and safely clean any upholstered area.

Why steam cleaning?

No two surfaces are quite the same, and most of the time, they require different cleaning agents. Trying to use the same chemical solution for all upholstery would leave some areas bleached or discolored.

Steam, on the other hand, is deep reaching and safe, efficiently loosening tough stains and smells and vacuuming them away. The steam also helps fight wrinkles and creases, leaving your drapery looking smooth and fresh.

Leather Cleaning

Even leather sofas, love seats, and other furniture can benefit from our steam cleaning service. Leather is especially prone to discoloration, and most cleaning products can’t be used.

Instead, we carefully extract crumbs, dirt, and other messes without scratching or discoloring leather surfaces. No matter what type of fabric or furniture you may have, we can quickly clean it for you with powerful steam-powered stain lifting.

Gulf Coast Drapery Cleaning

Unless you fully stock your cleaning cabinet with all the different solutions you need for each surface, you probably have lingering germs, oils, and odors. Even if you bought them all, when would you have time to do it?

Instead, call our team today to schedule your best cleaning. In no time at all, your surfaces will look and smell like new again.

Convenient Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered surfaces need to be cleaned more than other areas of your home. And yet, if you’re like many homeowners, you can’t remember when the last time you did it was.

Instead of struggling to clean your upholstery surfaces, let us assist you with faster professional steam cleaning. We recommend calling us twice per year to keep your home fresher and cleaner for longer.