Our Story

Steamatic has always been a real American success story and one that inspired us to open our own local franchise.

Steamatic of South Alabama

We believe that by owning and operating Steamatic of South AL, we can best provide a better choice in cleaning for our friends, neighbors, and community.

Too often, have we had to watch others, living around the area, become exasperated in dealing with multiple cleaning and restoration companies. They were forced to use several different companies for the same project, usually after weathering a significant disaster.

We understand that when a storm damages your property, the last thing you need is a complicated list of agencies to call and schedule. Instead, we strive to offer full restoration and cleaning options for any size job.

Why a Steamatic franchise?

By doing more with less, our team offers the most convenient and practical cleaning solutions in Mobile and Baldwin County. Our wider service area allows us to assist more people in our community with better steam powered cleaning.

What caught our eye about opening a local Steamatic franchise is their journey to becoming one of the best cleaning choices in our country, but the entire world. With 300 locations throughout the globe and the most effective steam machine cleaners around, we knew that this would be the best choice for us.

What Steamatic Can Do for You

Being on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, our team sees it all. Whether your pets have tracked mud throughout your carpets, your home suffered storm or fire damage, or you’ve noticed increased mold and mildew growth, our steam cleaning process can tackle these issues and more.

Because our area is no stranger to massive storms, we’ve seen every type of damage possible. Tornado damaged roofs, hurricane hit homes, and even the aftermath of fires is all too common, and they each leave behind a real mess.

Rather than calling many different recovery and restoration services for your home, we offer a better selection of powerful cleaning services to bring your life back to normal fast.

Convenient Service

Another reason why Steamatic felt right was the possibility of offering faster service than other cleaning company types. After seeing Steamatic in action for ourselves, we knew that no one would be able to compete with us.

We understand that you have options in cleaning and restoration services. However, we remain the quick, comfortable, and efficient choice no matter the situation.

Calling a maid cleaning service could take hours, and they may not offer the exact cleaning service that you need. They could send an entire crew of strangers into your house and still leave it less than what you had desired.

Instead, our steam cleaning machine works quickly to leave any and all surfaces spotless. Our restoration services are quick and efficient, all without the hassle of waiting for contractors to show up.

When you need your home cleaned, no matter what the size of the mess, you can always rely on us. That’s the Steamatic promise that you can trust!