Why Steamatic

What started out as two friends looking to start a business together, quickly became a multinational giant in effective, fast cleaning solutions.

Alabama’s Premier Carpet Cleaners

If you have never heard of Steamatic before, you really ought to have. For almost five straight decades, the company has been offering steam cleaning carpet services to more communities across the United States and abroad. Armed with an all-in-one patented steam cleaning device, Steamatic gets any job done regardless of how large or small it is.

As your local franchise owner, Steamatic of South Alabama is bringing the same excellent cleaning methods to all of our community members. You can see the proven Steamatic cleaning service all throughout the greater Gulf Coast area, including Mobile and Baldwin countries.

Faster Floor Cleaning

The steam cleaning machines used by Steamatic relies on super-heated water that continues to recirculate. What this means is that our equipment uses water at a higher temperature than other companies, and it remains at this ideal temperature for longer.

This drastically reduces the amount of time it takes for our system to reach a temperature that is high enough to take care of any health hazard present in your home. Lingering stenches and odors, bacteria, cold and flu germs, and other irritants are no match for our powerful extraction method.

The heated steam also makes simple work of carpet stains and discolored hard flooring. The heated vapor releases ground-in dirt, beverage spills, and other harsh, gooey messes and quickly sucks them up.

Rather than wasting an entire day with a cheap rental machine, our team can have your home cleaned in no time at all! When you need better cleaning faster, you need Steamatic to service your home or office.

Any Surface

Because we don’t rely on bleach, chemical-heavy cleaners, or other typical cleaning products, our steam cleaning process is ideal for almost any type of surface or material. Hot enough to sanitize but without the risk of discoloration, we can handle any variety of upholstery or fabric, including leather!

Other companies rely on one cleaning method for carpets, another for tile, and yet another for upholstered items. Instead, we use the same fast and efficient steam cleaning vacuum system to get any job done right on the first try.

Wrinkled drapes, old food carpet stains, and even dirty hardwood floors are no match for Steamatic! Whatever surfaces that you need to be cleaned, just leave them all to us.

Any Situation

We strive to be your all-in-one cleaning and restoration services experts. By combining traditional carpet shampooing and steam cleaning with home and commercial restoration, we can help more people every day no matter what kind of issue they have.

Our restoration services are ideal for any home that has just suffered severe damage. Whether you need help getting the smell of smoke out of your belongings, or you need to board up your dangerous building, we can handle it all, and more.

Choose Steamatic today for all your cleaning needs!